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Serving the People of District 2 with Fairness and Integrity

That being said, as we head into the November election, we need more politicians that care about people. I’m a wife, and mother, and former teacher. I really do care about people. I also believe we will, and should, see more women represented in politics.


Republicans absolutely do not have a lock on family values.

As a County Board member, it will be my goal to represent and advocate for my community's best interests. As I knock on doors I hear the same issues over and over. Our roads and infrastructure need to be improved to be safe for the families in our district while allowing for sustainable development in Will County.  I plan to work with state, municipal, and township governments to make sure that District 2 is always strategically participating in any sustainable improvements through quality development and infrastructure projects.

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Our middle class is in constant danger and our president and governor are no help. We need to stand up for working families in my district and across the state and country. Supporting unions means better wages, benefits, and working conditions for workers. Democrats support unions, middle class families, and those struggling to make it to the middle class. Democrats simply care about people. I am running as a democrat because I care about the people in my district.


The impending ‘Blue Wave’ is important to elect Democrats up and down the ballot. I’ll be at the bottom of the ballot where I can represent the interests of hardworking union families like mine locally. I served in the Army for over a decade, and know what it means to sacrifice for the good of others.  I quickly learned how to work with many types of people, and as a sergeant, dedicated myself to the welfare and development of those soldiers under me. I want to bring these skills to my position on the County Board. This is not going to be an easy victory, but I’m out spreading the word everyday. Thank you for standing with me, I’m thrilled to have your help.

I’m ready to fight for what’s right and win!


I also pledge to bring the actions of the Will County Board to the constituents through outreach and make the Board activities as transparent as possible. I will always include my constituents in the decision making process through town halls, coffees, and personal interaction. I will work to increase cooperation within Will County and my district.

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